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Mountain Biking

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Use your imagination - with Race Beacon's Training feature, you don't have to be in an official race.
With a healthy competitve nature, and a buddy, any time is race time.

Live streaming

Does your family member have a big race coming up, but it's a few states away? Have them turn on Race Beacon, and you can see the race from wherever you are.

Training for a Race?

Turn it on and while you're training, Race Beacon will keep track of your stats, speed, acceleration, altitude, etc. Review it afterward and see how you can improve.

Interactive features



Choose a race to watch from a list of official events. If you know of someone in a particular race, you can find them and see how they do!

My Events

My Events

As you officiate over, participate in, or view an Event, it will be saved into your account. Also, search for upcoming events and save them to access them more readily. Just go to 'My Events' to see all of your saved events.


Events may be going on right now.

Choose which one you want to watch based on the Event Type (Auto, Bike, Sled Dog, etc.) , then by the name of the Event, and then by the Event Class if it has one (5k, 10k, etc.). Once you've selected the class, enjoy the

Spectator Participant Official
Spectator Participant Official