Live Events

If someone you know is participating in an Event, Race Beacon can be used to allow you to follow their progress during that Event.

If you are participating in an Event, take Race Beacon with you and your friends and family can follow your progress.

Real-Time Spectating

One of the coolest features that Race Beacon offers is viewing a race in real-time. Let's say a family member of yours is participating in an Event a couple states away. You can watch as they run, bike, ski, or drive along the course and progress toward the finish line.

Ways you can watch

Have a computer hooked up to the Internet? Of course you do! You're reading this web page, after all. Just come here to the website, sign in, find the Event Type, then the Event, finally the Event Class, and it will be easy to find the person you're looking to follow. After finding the right person, Race Beacon's map will appear and you will view the race as it happens.

There's another way to watch if you're not home

Not around a computer? No problem! There is an App for that! Pull out your smart phone and download the Race Beacon App, it's completely free to download. Select 'Find An Event' and go find the event you want to be a spectator of. Sign yourself up as a Spectator for the event. Now the event is in your 'My Events' list. Go to the Event Details, Select the Gren Icon on the left, select the class, then select the Participant you want to follow. Repeat as you wish.

Race Beacon is available
in the App Store (Apple) and the Play Store (Android).

Live Events

There are currently no live events. Please check back soon.

Upcoming Events

eventType_Sled Dog Racing.png Sled Dog Racing
Caledonia Classic

eventType_Sled Dog Racing.png Sled Dog Racing
Northern Pines Sled Dog Race

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Spectator Participant Official