Frog Lake 1

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Frog Lake 1
Frog Lake Sno Park
Mt. Hood, OR 97028

Begins: 1/9/2016 9:00:00 AM
Ends: 1/10/2016 12:00:00 PM

Website: Frog Lake 1
(8) Event Classes:
Class: 4 Dog Sprint
Description: Four Dog Sprint
Distance: 4.00 Miles
Class: 6 Dog Mid
Description: 6 Dog Mid
Distance: 14.00 Miles
Class: 6 Dog Sprint
Description: Six Dog Sprint
Distance: 6.00 Miles
Class: 8 Dog Sprint
Description: Eight Dog Sprint
Distance: 8.00 Miles
Class: Adv Skijor
Description: Advanced Skijor
Distance: 6.00 Miles
Class: Novice
Description: Novice
Distance: 4.00 Miles
Class: One Day Rec Skijor
Description: One Day Recreational Skijor
Distance: 2.00 Miles
Class: Rec Skijor
Description: Recreational Skijor
Distance: 2.00 Miles

If you are the organizer of this event and something has changed or if you find an error please email us.


Frog Lake 1

Frog Lake 1

Bring the whole family! Spectating is free but vehicles must display a Sno-park permit, available at many gas stations and stores along the way to Mt. Hood.

The Frog Lake 1 takes place on Saturday Jan 09, 2016 through Sunday Jan 10, 2016. It starts at 9:00 am on Jan. 9th and ends at 12:00 pm on Jan. 10th. It is held at Frog Lake Sno Park in Mt. Hood, OR.

It's an exciting event with a total of 8 classes of competition, including 4 Dog Sprint, 6 Dog Mid, 6 Dog Sprint, 8 Dog Sprint, Adv Skijor, Novice, One Day Rec Skijor, and Rec Skijor.

If you would like more detailed information about the event, be sure to check out the event's website.

If you are the organizer of this event and something has changed or if you find an error please tell us.

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